Frequently Asked Questions

Each case is made to be as realistic as possible, filled with police evidence, clues, and documents.

Your job is to find your first assignment, which is typically paper clipped to the front document in your game envelope, and to follow it’s directions. This assignment tells you what you are expected to do first.

Typically, you are expected to read all of the documents provided (without opening sealed envelopes) to solve that case’s first assignment.

Each assignment has its own web page to confirm your findings or to provide you with hints or added guidance.

When you have solved your assignment, you will be directed on to your next assignment.

When you have completed all of the assignments, you will have uncovered the murderer! However, you are always welcome to reach out to us via email for additional guidance or help.

Each game has its own estimated timeline; however, typically, players complete our games in 2 to 3 hours. It depends on how fast you are at reading all of the evidence and solving each of the assignments.

Our games are made to be played solo or with friends. We have heard that our games are normally played as couples and sometimes with groups of as many as 6 people.

We recommend players aged 14 plus because of the game content (it is a murder mystery, after all.)There are also references to adultery, robberies, drugs and alcohol and other adult themes. However, we do not include any explicit, graphic images at all.

Our first game, “Deady Secrets,” includes hints online. And you can test your Assignment Solutions online for each part of the game, which is also online.

However, you can progress past each assignment if you don’t need to test your answers, and therefore, you would not need online access to play this game.

As we develop more games, they may require more internet access. 

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